Mom needs a "time out" three jobs, a family, a caregiver and the rush of life.

"Mom's Time Out" was written about actual events in my life. I know I share them with mostly all Moms around the world.

I decided that moms needed a laugh to relax, recharge and renew to keep going and doing the thing we do best. Being a mom. Enjoy.

"Mom's Dream Vacation" is designed to educate your child through questions and pictures about the 7 Wonders of the World.

Mom DREAMS of the places she wants to go with her dog Zoey of course. the book also has questions on how we can help Mom and being kind.

From beginning to end a joy, funny and beautiful illustrations.

Enjoy my creative space page which gives you a chance to express yourself.

In searching for an activity book for my 89 year old mom I realized the difficulty involved and concentration required for working on an intricately designed coloring book that are now so popular.

Hence, I created a basic coloring and activity book for individuals who find cognitive and fine motor skills challenging.

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