It all started as a goal to get our kids to appreciate and respect their parents and themselves.  To learn positive values and traditions that can be passed down through generations to come.


It takes a Mom to understand what another Mom has endured during the course of her life.

We appreciate YOU!

We know what you are going through!

We are here for you!

Our mission is to help other Moms be able to take an ever-needed break, because sometimes Mom just needs a Time Out too.


Pam Mickatavage
Founder, Mom's Time Out

I consider myself a Jack, or shall I say Jill of all trades. Art teacher, librarian, set designer/builder, singer, dancer, a full time MOM and a caregiver to my own Mom. 

I know all to well the feeling of being pulled in all directions and being the "Sandwich Generation Mom". In writing my first book "Mom's Time Out," I wanted to convey to all Mom's that we are all in the same boat. And to let you know that I'm with you. 

I feel that Moms not only need a good laugh but Mom needs a good "Time Out" too.

I then continued my book writing journey with "Mom's Dream Vacation" which is designed to educate your child through questions and pictures about the 7 Wonders of the World.  It also gives Mom a chance to Dream of the places she would love to visit.  Because every Mom needs a VACATION.

My Famous Artist Coloring and Activity Book is very special to me. In searching for an activity book for my 91 year old mom I realized the difficulty involved and concentration required for working on an intricately designed coloring book that are now so popular. Hence, I created a basic coloring and activity book for individuals who find cognitive and fine motor skills challenging.

Enjoy my creative space page which gives you a chance to express yourself. 

All can enjoy!


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